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When you leave our office, a Band-AidÒ will be on the site. You may remove the Band-AidÒ after 15 minutes or keep it on as long as 24 hours before cleaning the area. At least once daily, clean the biopsy site with soap and water using your fingers. If any scab forms, use hydrogen peroxide to soften and remove the scabs using cotton swabs and cleanse the wound twice daily instead of once. After cleansing, apply a generous amount of antibiotic ointment (i.e. PolysporinÒ). If you are allergic to antibiotic ointments, you may use BactrobanÒ ointment (which requires a prescription). VaselineÒ petroleum jelly can be used, but cannot be covered with a Band-AidÒ! It is recommended that you keep the biopsy site covered with a Band-AidÒ and remove it only for cleansing, although this is not mandatory (especially for biopsies on the face). You may swim (in a pool only) or take a bath if the biopsy site remains out of water. Apply ointment immediately before swimming and cleanse the wound as noted above immediately after. You may shower as soon as 12 hours after the biopsy, although do not let the water hit the biopsy site directly.


Perform wound care once or twice daily as intructed above until the skin heals over completely (usually takes 1-3 weeks; legs may take 6-12 weeks)

You will be called with your results within 1-3 weeks by a nurse. If you are not reachable by telephone, a letter will be sent to you with your results. If you do not hear from our office within 10 days, you may call our office to get your results. If you wish to receive your results electronically, you may ask a nurse TODAY to set you up to view your medical records online at our portal.

IF YOU WISH TO DISCUSS YOUR RESULTS WITH DR. BADER you may request an appointment to meet with him to discuss your results. There will be a charge for that appointment. At this time, Dr. Bader does not discuss results over the telephone.

If you have any questions about the biopsy site or want to have it checked by a doctor or nurse in our office, there will be a charge for that visit or any visit after the biopsy.

The biopsy site will heal with a scar. Caring for the biopsy site will reduce scar formation. If the scar gets thickened please call our office for further instructions.

A biopsy is NOT meant to be curative, and if the biopsy reveals a skin cancer, it is likely that additional treatment will be needed even if the biopsy site heals up fine.

If you have any bleeding after the biopsy, hold pressure on the site for 15 minutes. If that does not help you can try using a Styptic pencil, which you can purchase at the drugstore without a prescription. Otherwise, you may call our office and the site can be re-cauterized. Bleeding after the biopsy is not uncommon. Avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for 1 day after the biopsy.

After 8 days, CALL 954-278-8692 for your results. If you receive a call from our office, call this number back to get results. If you call after hours (4:30 pm M-R, and after 2:30 on Friday) our main number does not ring in the office. You may try the above number and if the nursing staff is still in the office, they will pick up. Please LEAVE A MESSAGE! If you do not receive a call back within 2 business days, please CALL AGAIN! If you do not hear from us, do NOT assume that everything is O.K.