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Duration: 01 Aug 2014 - 31 Aug 2014
Location: 8130 Royal Palm Blvd. Suite 201 Coral Springs, FL
Price: From $99/mo.


With complimentary touch-ups for 24 months

Full leg and bikini:


Armpits, full leg and bikini:


Full Chest & Back:


Significant advances have been made over the past decade in the removal of unwanted hair. Many different lasers are currently available for hair removal, each with advantages and disadvantages. nearly all systems result in moderate discomfort, usually requiring topical anesthetic. Not ours! Our office has the fastest, most comfortable, and most effective diode laser available. Learn More…


  • Are Treatments performed by Dr. Bader?

    Yes. All laser hair removal treatments are performed by Dr. Bader.
  • How is your Diolux™ Laser better than other lasers?

    To put it simply, it is the fastest, is virtually painless, does not require numbing cream, can be used on almost any skin type (color), works for light or dark colored hair, and is extremely effective. It allows for completely customizable treatment programs, in sharp contrast to many laser systems out there today. To be honest, you have to see it to believe it.
  • Who is the best candidate?

    Those with light skin color who have dark hair, but treatments are available for all skin types and even blonde hair.
  • Will all of the hair be gone?

    No matter which laser is used and no matter how many treatments are performed, most likely not. As not all the hair can be treated at any given time, some hair will likely remain even after several treatments. Most patients can have great results with minimal hair growth for some time, but with time, hair can return although usually significantly diminished and often much finer.
  • When will I see results?

    Most patients can see slowed hair growth after one treatment. Most patients will see significant results after only 2-3 treatments, especially those with dark hairs and fair skin.
  • How many treatments do you recommend?

    Typically most patients will have 5 – 7 treatments in the first year.
  • Does the treatment hurt?

    While most laser hair removal lasers are painful, our laser results in minimal discomfort. In fact, we do not recommend that our patients even use a topical anesthetic.
  • Can I use a numbing cream?

    For most systems, yes. For our Diolux™ system, numbing cream is not necessary as the procedure is very well tolerated. In fact, we do not even recommend using it for our patients.

1. Price: $3,200.00, Down Payment: $99.00, Amount Financed: $3,101.00, Term: 36 months, APR: 8.95%, Monthly Payments:$98.54, Total of all Payments: $3,547.40
2. Price: $4,500.00, Down Payment: $99.00, Amount Financed: $4,401.00, Term: 36 months, APR: 8.95%, Monthly Payments:$139.85, Total of all Payments: $5,034.54
3. Price: $5,800.00, Down Payment: $99.00, Amount Financed: $5,701.00, Term: 36 months, APR: 8.95%, Monthly Payments:$181.16, Total of all Payments: $6,521.68