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Duration: 01 Aug 2014 - 31 Aug 2014
Location: 8130 Royal Palm Blvd. Suite 201 Coral Springs, FL
Price: $149/mo.


Year of Botox®:


Treat the three most common areas with Botox®: the frown lines (or “11” lines), the forehead furrows, and the crow’s feet. No need to pay over $800 per treatment session or gamble with discount coupons. Instead, lock in your results for the entire year at a great price. The bottom line–if you look good, you make us look good. Restrictions apply.

Botox® is a toxin (toxic substance) which is naturally produced by the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Interestingly, it is currently believed to be the most toxic poison known to man, although the use of such tiny amounts has been used safely in man for over twenty-five years. This bacteria produces several types of toxin, of which only “type A” is used for medicinal purposes today. Learn More…


  • How does Botox® work?

    The Botox® toxin works where the nerve meets the muscle where the nerve sends its signal telling the muscle to contract. This results in paralysis of the treated muscle.
  • What wrinkles can be treated using Botox® ?

    Although Botox® is only FDA approved for treatment of the frown lines (glabella), Botox® has been used with good to excellent results for the treatment of the forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. Infraorbital wrinkles (wrinkles below the eyes) can be treated with moderate results. Newer therapeutic uses have been for the treatment of nasolabial folds (smile lines), perioral wrinkles (wrinkles around the mouth), corners of the mouth, and anterior neck which carry a higher risk of complications and have mixed results.
  • Can Botox®treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)?

    Yes. Botox® has been recently FDA approved to treat hyperhidrosis of the hands and axilla (underarms) since at least 1995 with good results which may last up to 12 months (average 5.2 months). Treatment of the hands has resulted in mild weakness of the hands in a few patients as a result of toxin diffusion to the intrinsic muscles of the hand (muscles within the hand). Since this finding, more superficial injections have been used with good success and a lower incidence of weakness.
  • Who should not get treated with Botox®?

    Botox® has not been studied in pregnancy, and it is therefore unknown if fetal harm will result if a pregnant woman is treated with Botox®. Therefore, the use of Botox® is not recommended during pregnancy. Additionally, it is unknown if Botox® (botulinum A exotoxin) is excreted in breast milk, where it could affect a nursing infant. Therefore, Botox® treatment is not recommended for use in lactating women. Additionally, patients with neuromuscular disease, such as myasthenia gravis and Eaton-Lambert syndrome, should not be treated with Botox® as it may worsen these conditions. Of course, anyone who has had an allergic reaction to Botox® should not be treated.
  • How long does the treatment take?

    Most treatments can be accomplished within 10-15 minutes–one of the so-called “lunch-time” procedures. Most patients will have no evidence of having anything done, although some will have mild bruising (particularly when treating the Crow’s feet).
  • Do I need to take off from work or other activities?

    For 3-4 hours after the procedure it is recommended that the patient remain in the upright position. Additionally, it is best to avoid strenuous or jarring activities such as exercising, running, or jogging for at least 3-4 hours. Nearly all patients may return to work immediately following the procedure and resume exercise the following day?
  • Do the treatments hurt?

    The treatments consist of a series of tiny injections using a fine needle. Although most patients tolerate the treatments with little discomfort, some patients request the use of a topical anesthetic which is applied to the areas to be treated 1-2 hours before the scheduled appointment.

1. Price: $1,850.00, Down Payment: $99.00, Amount Financed: $1,751.00, Term: 12 months, APR: 3.88%, Monthly Payments: $149.00, Total of all Payments: $1,788.02