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Can melanoma be detected by smell?

Researchers from the Monell Center found that melanoma emits an odor that is different from normal skin. A portable nanosensor was useful in detecting cancerous cells in patients. Who knows, one day Dermatologists may be throwing away their blades and using non-invasive nanosensors to detect melanoma. These findings were published online in Journal of Chromatography B.

About the Author
Is an Ivy-League trained physician and surgeon who is a board-certified Dermatologist & Mohs' Surgeon. Aside from having training in Internal Medicine and Dermatology, Dr. Bader completed a fully accredited fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery under the auspices of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He moved to South Florida in June 1999. Shortly thereafter, he formed R.S.B. Dermatology in Deerfield Beach, FL.