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The Affordable Healthcare

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The Affordable Healthcare Act–will healthcare really be more affordable? As Obamacare gets going, it is unclear whether insurance premiums are going to go up or down. For example, New Hampshire’s healthcare exchange will launch in October with Anthem BlueCross BlueShield as the...

Two New Treatments for Advanced Melanoma Approved by FDA

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On Wednesday the US Food and Drug Administration announced that it has approved two new oral medications for the treatment of metastatic or advanced melanoma that is non-operable–Tafinlar and Mekinist–both of which are marketed by GlaxoSmithKline. Both drugs are to be used as a...

Is Dysport better than Botox?

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This is a commonly asked question and you will hear many different opinions on this subject. The simple unbiased answer is, if there is a real difference between the two, it is likely extremely negligible. There are several OTHER factors that affect one’s results–such as number...

Can melanoma be detected by smell?

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Researchers from the Monell Center found that melanoma emits an odor that is different from normal skin. A portable nanosensor was useful in detecting cancerous cells in patients. Who knows, one day Dermatologists may be throwing away their blades and using non-invasive...